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Blaise Gaeltachta

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The Irish language Gaeilge is still spoken in many Gaeltacht regions across Ireland. Enjoy an authentic Irish cultural B&B break and you may even learn a few words of spoken Irish for yourself!

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The Authentic Gaeltacht B&B Experience

The lilt of spoken Irish, the rhythm of traditional music and dance , the thrill of the Gaelic games, ….if you want to immerse yourself in a truly authentic cultural experience and live the ‘Gaealtacht experience’ then a stay at one of Irelands unique Blaiseadh Gaeltachta B&B’s is a must for you!

The Irish Language

The Gaeltacht regions of Ireland are areas where the population continue to speak Irish as their first language - don’t worry they do speak English too!. These areas are also rich in traditional Irish culture, so if you’d like to follow in the Queen’s footsteps and learn to speak a little Irish, why not do so at one of Ireland’s unique Blaiseadh Gaeltachta B&B’s!

Chat with the Locals

What can you expect in a Gaeltacht B&B? Your host or a nominated person in the home will be a fluent Irish speaker and will provide you with informal language lessons if you wish. Alternatively sit back, realax and soak up the real Irish home atmosphere while listening to the poetic tones of the Irish language. Your B&B host has the inside knowledge on the best things to do locally and will guide you in the direction of a lively Ceili or a traditional Irish music session in the pub.

Learn to speak Gaelic

You may attend Irish language classes in the local area or take part in activities through the medium of Irish. Why not ask your B&B host to book a local Irish speaking guide and take a tour of the area off the beaten track. The tradition of Gaeilge is well and truly alive in the Gaeltacht B&B and there is no better way to immerse yourself in Ireland's rich and rewarding heritage. What more could you ask for in a real Irish B&B experience?

  • Trace Your Roots

    Step back in time and trace your Irish roots in an Ancestry B&B. Your host has a wealth of local knowledge and can help you find old local records, heritage sites and family information.