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Discover the Islands of Ireland

Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for travelers as huge numbers flock to the mainland each year to take in the popular destinations and attractions. But if you’re searching for a unique experience, nothing compares to an island escape.

Life on Irish Islands

Nothing says ‘escape’ more than a venture off the mainland onto one of the many islands off the Irish coast. There are over 500 islands off the Ireland and although many are inhabited, there’s life, excitement, peace and culture waiting to be uncovered.

The Aran Islands

Inishmore Island | Aran IslandsThe Aran Islands are a collection of three islands off the coast of Galway. Inishmore Island is the largest of the three and is the most popular tourist destinations of the three islands. That being said, you can still find the peace and enjoyment that can’t be found on the mainland. With over 50 Christian monuments on the island, you can’t go far without discovering something of historical significance. Taking a short trek out to the famous worm hole is a must. A natural rectangular pool, this was the location of the 2012 and 2014 Red Bull Cliff Diving competition. Taking the dive into the cool Atlantic waters is not for the feint hearted.

Inishmore B&B Accommodation

Inis Meain | Aran IslandsInis Meain Island is the second largest of the three and is equally impressive. You’ll find a greater escape here as it has a population of just 200. The island offers more than just a quiet getaway. You can join in on dance and poetry classes or discover the marine activity with diving available. Inis Meain also boasts a unique view of the Cliffs of Moher on a clear day. There are three great looped walks on the Island that takes in the animals and flora in their natural habitat. Inisheer is the smallest of the three and is just 3km by 3km wide. You’ll find a beautiful sandy beach on arrival a unique landscape courtesy of the Burren region in nearby Clare.

Inis Meain B&B Accommodation

Achill Island

Achill Island | MayoYou’ll find Achill Island just off the coast of Mayo and it’s definitely up there with the best island experiences on offer. Much like the coast of Ireland, The Island has a rugged landscape with stunning cliffs shaped by the brute force of the Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day, Achill is up there with some of the most beautiful locations on earth and with five blue flag beaches you can surely de-stress in the west. Achill is the perfect haven for adventure enthusiasts with surfing, canoeing and kayaking readily available and still offers that unique island serenity. It has become a quiet retreat for famous novelists and artists including Paul Henry and Graham Greene. Achill is the largest of the islands and is definitely on the list for Island hopping.

Achill Island B&B Accommodation

Clare Island

The largest island in Clew Bay, Mayo, Clare Island is steeped in history as being the ancestral home of legendary Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley. The island is accessible via ferry crossing and don’t be surprised if your accompanied by a school of dolphins on your way there. The inhabitants of Clare Island, all 160 of them know how to enjoy themselves with a number of festivals and events being host throughout the year. It’s the perfect summer getaway and your guaranteed quality accommodation.

Clare Island B&B Accommodation

Valentia Island

Valentia Island | KerryValentia Island is just something else! You cannot take a bad photo on this gem of an island. And it’s even more striking in the flesh. Connected to land by bridge, Valentia Island is easily accessed and it’s a testament to how welcoming the locals are as well. It can easily be mistaken for Mediterranean island with its clear blue sea and pristine beach. Like all our inhabited islands, there’s a plethora of things to keep you busy should you choose to escape to Valentia. You might want to visit Cromwell’s lighthouse where dinosaur footprints were discovered and are believed to be 385 million years old. Many visitors enjoy a boat trip out to the Skellig Islands, a world heritage site. You’ll find well preserved sixth century monastic settlement.

Valentia Island B&B Accommodation

Posted: 13 Nov 2014 by Niall McKee | with 0 comments

Tags: Adventure Seekers, B&B Breaks, Inis Mór

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