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Halloween Celebration Ideas for the Family

Make Halloween a family affair this year and enjoy your own festival celebrations in the comfort of your own home. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a good time to start preparing a spooctacular family event that both parents and children will remember for years to come.

Carving a Pumpkin

No Halloween celebrations would be complete without some fun jack-o'-lantern pumpkin carvings. Cut the crown off the pumpkin, scoop out the inside of the pumpkin with a big spoon, cut out a face and pop a tea light inside the pumpkin. When the lights are low, the pumpkin will glow!

Decorating the House

To get into the Halloween spirit, you can hang spooky decorations around the house such as spiders and bats. You could even try making some homemade decorations as a fun activity for all the family. Don’t forget to place some decorations in the windows to give passers-by a fright on Halloween night!

Halloween Celebration Ideas for the Family

Fancy Dress

It’s so much fun to dress up for Halloween. Choose your favourite spooky character - there are so many to choose from. You could be really creative and make your own costumes with materials you find around the house.

Ghost Stories

Telling stories is a great  Irish tradition and sharing ghost stories is popular at Halloween. Sit in a circle, turn off the lights and the person speaking holds a touch and tries to give everyone a Halloween fright with their tales of ghosts and ghouls.

Halloween Celebration Ideas for the Family

Traditional Halloween Games

There is a variety of traditional Halloween games that can be played by all the family such as bobbing for apples, which involves grabbing an apple from a bowl of water only using your mouth. Or you can put a Halloween twist on other games such as Musical Statues and Hide and Seek. This will ensure plenty of fun for all ages.

Movie with treats

There is no better way to end the night than the whole family sitting down with lots of treats to watch their favourite Halloween movie. Hocus Pocus, Casper, Goosebumps and The Addams Family are all firm family favourites. If you’re looking for a spooktacularly easy to make recipe for Halloween, then this scarily delicious Halloween Pumpkin Cake Recipe will do the trick and treat everyone!!

Posted: 20 Oct 2020 by Claire Regan | with 0 comments

Tags: halloween

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