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Enjoy the Irish music scene

Ireland is famous for many things, from its stunning green landscapes to the friendliness of its people. The Irish music scene would have to be included in this list, because “craic agus ceol” (fun and music) is simply in our blood. When visiting Ireland, there are so many different ways to experience the amazing atmosphere that Irish music creates!

Pub Music Scene

Irish pubs would have to be considered as the heart of the Irish music scene. They are renowned for their traditional Irish music sessions, featuring the likes of fiddles, accordions, bodhráns, tin whistles and Irish dancing, to name but a few. The atmosphere created by this live music is like no other, and is an important part of Irish culture. No matter where you choose to stay in Ireland, an Irish trad session will be within walking distance. Even if the music entertainment isn’t organised in a particular pub, it is not unusual for the locals to take out some instruments and start an impromptu session, getting the whole pub involved!

Enjoy the Irish music scene


Listening to buskers, along of some of Ireland’s most popular streets, is a more informal way to enjoy the Irish music scene. Busking is when somebody performs in the street or another public place, in order to get their music heard. Galway CityCork City and Grafton Street in Dublin, are some of the most well-known locations for buskers, but you will find them all over Ireland, allowing you to enjoy brilliant talent as your explore your surroundings. Some of Ireland’s best musicians started out as buskers, so you are guaranteed great entertainment!

Enjoy the Irish music scene


We love our music festivals in Ireland. It’s a chance for everyone to come together and use their musical talents. Irish music festivals are a real social event and are suitable for all the family to attend. There is a music festival to suit all tastes across the island of Ireland, including the Dingle and Dublin traditional festivals, the Cork and Limerick jazz festivals, the Killarney folk festival, the Wexford opera festival, and absolutely everything in between.  Music festivals are the perfect way to experience Irish culture and many are organised by the local community. If music is a passion of yours, make sure you put an Irish festival on your bucket list!

Enjoy the Irish music scene

If you are coming to Ireland this year, make sure you choose bed and breakfasts as your accommodation, as B&B hosts will be your source of all musical inspiration and information.

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Posted: 23 Apr 2019 by Claire Regan | with 0 comments

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