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Speaking the Lingo in Ireland

The Irish may speak English as their first language, but there are plenty of words and phrases they might use differently from other English-speaking countries.

Here are a few words you might want to study up on.

Acting the maggot: annoying, acting foolish
Bangers: sausages
Banjaxed: broken or tired
Barm  brack: bread with fruit/sultanas/raisins in it
Boot: car trunk (as well as footwear)
Bonnet: car hood
Black stuff: Guinness
Chips: French fries
Craic: good times, fun
Crisps: potato chips
Cod: mislead
Croker: Croke Park/stadium inDublin
Dear: expensive
Eejit: idiot or fool
Fair play: you’re right, I can’t argue with that, well done
Fierce: very, extreme
Grand: good, very well
Irish: when referring to the language, Irish is preferred over the term Gaelic
Jacks: bathroom, toilet
Knackered: exhausted
GAA - Gaelic Athletics Association (Hurling and Gaelic Football)
Gaeltacht: Irish-speaking area
Give out: scold
Gob: mouth
Letting on: pretending
Petrol: gasoline
Pram: stroller
Tayto – famous brand of crisps
Toilet: bathroom, restroom
Top o’ the mornin’: I’m a tourist
Tricolor: Irish flag
Yoke: thing, stuff
Your man/woman: the person you were talking about (not one’s significant other)
White and Black Puddings: sausages (black puddings are a blood sausage)
Windscreen: windshield

Staying in an Irish Bed and Breakfast is the best way to experience the Irish culture as you immerse yourself in the real Irish family home. Your host will be happy to chat with you and give you some insider tips on the best places to visit locally.

With so many different dialects across Ireland, you may find that people speak a little differently from one place to another, but you will always be able to understand the conversation and will be warmly welcomed in each and every Irish Bed and Breakfast.

If you wish to hear the real Irish Gaeilge spoken, we recommend a Gaeltacht B&B where Irish is the first language spoken.  Book a Bed and Breakfast online with B&B Ireland and prepare for the holiday of a lifetime.

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Posted: 15 Aug 2013 by Mel Heron | with 0 comments

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