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The Irish Pub Experience

Bob Dylan famously sang the line, ‘The times they are a changin’. So too is the Irish pub scene. What was once a smokey place with limited choice on tap is now a culture on the rise. The Irish pub experience like a fine wine, has improved with age.

Irish Craft Beers

20 years ago in many pubs, you’d have a choice of Guinness, Smithwicks and Lager, but not anymore. These days you can look forward to sipping on some of the finest craft beers the world has to offer. You’re guaranteed to find some local beers in the cities from the Porterhouse in Dublin, to many pubs on Quay St. Galway selling the Galway Hooker. But you’d be happy to know that there’s been a rise in mini brewing companies dotted throughout the countryside. From the Donegal Brewing Company right down to Dingle Brewing Company in Kerry, your guaranteed to discover your next usual.

You may have heard that Guinness tastes better in Ireland than anywhere else in the world and there’s only one way to find that out. A pint of the black stuff is synonymous with Irish pubs and you’ll find a perfectly poured pint of stout in every pub in Ireland.

Traditional Irish Music

The true Irish pub experience goes hand in hand with Traditional Irish music. You’ll find many of the best Irish musicians playing jigs and reels down in the local. It’s rare opportunity musicians of this calibre playing in such a setting and without a cover charge but this is all apart of the pub experience.

The Sunday Game

Weekends usually see the pub atmosphere being kicked up a notch. Sport is huge in Ireland, Especially Gaelic Games. If you can’t get tickets to the County Football or Hurling games then make sure to enjoy the game in a pub. You’ll see true sporting skills on show and hear the banter and commentary from the locals first hand.

Drink Tip: Make sure to sample some Irish whiskey when touring the pub scene. There is a great selection available from Jameson and Bushmills to the more recent Dubliners Whiskey.

Posted: 07 Aug 2014 by Niall McKee | with 0 comments

Tags: Entertainment, Ireland, pubs

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