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Meet Your Host | John & Lorraine Dineen

John & Lorraine Dineen - Kent House, Cork City, County Cork

Meet this week's B&B hosts John and Lorraine Dineen of Kent House Bed and Breakfast located in the heart of the vibrant Cork City. The Dineen's have been entertaining guests for 15 years at Kent House and have raised their two children there also.

What are the hidden gems close to your home?

The Greatest hidden gem is Cork city itself.

What is your favorite guest story?

All guests have their own special stories, all you just have to do is listen.

What is your signature dish/food?

We do our own homemade Soda Bread and Oat Biscuits.

Is there anything about your home that is quirky?

Kent House used to be a Police Station, back in the day, and the cell under the stairs still exists, as do the 4 metal bars in the Dining room ceiling. No one knows why they are there, but there have been lots of opinions.

Have you ever had any famous guests?

All our guests are famous in their own right, no matter who they are.

What is your favorite thing about the area you live in?

Our central location means you are always close to all the sights.

When you are not looking after your guests what is your favorite thing to do?

Shopping and relaxing but not at the same time...

What are the top 3 attractions in your county?

  • The English Market
  • St Finn-barres Cathedral
  • Crawford Art Gallery

We'd like to thank John and Lorraine for taking part in the interview. For more information on their home you can go to Kent House Bed and Breakfast.

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Posted: 09 Jan 2015 by Niall McKee | with 0 comments

Tags: B&B Hosts, Cork, Cork City

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