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Meet Your Host | Josephine Walsh, Edencrest B&B

Meet this week's B&B host Josephine Walsh of the award winning Edencrest Bed and Breakfast. Josephine has been running her B&B since 1995 and has welcomed guests from near and far. Situated in Bantry, Co. Cork, Edencrest is the perfect base for touring the Wild Atlantic Way and with tea/coffee & home baking on arrival and stunning views from the garden, Edencrest is a true hidden gem.

What are the hidden gems close to your home?

  • Bantry House
  • Garnish Island
  • Whiddy Island
  • Ewe Garden, Beara and Sheeps Head Peninsula

What is your favourite guest story?

A few years ago the government issued a statement that any place serving food must have the Calorie count on the Menu. As the diligent little cook I am, I redid our menu's and went to great trouble having all items itemized. One evening we had a lovely couple from Germany and the gentleman was telling me he was looking forward to my 'Irish Breakfast'. The following morning I left them to read my fabulous menu only to be disappointed the Gentleman decided on having something light from the Buffet Menu. As I was disappointed I asked why he wasn't having the Full Irish as he planned, his wife piped up and said 'No, No, that is a heart stopper look at all the calories, over 2,000.' I replied 'Aw go on have it you're on your holidays and can walk it off for the day on the Sheepshead.' The gent was delighted and did. After, I removed all the Menus and never showed a calorie again!!

What is your signature dish/food?

Omelettes. My Omelettes are made from Eggs supplied by our local farmer. I fill them with whatever a guest would like. A real indulgence!

Is there anything about your home that is quirky?

Fairy Doors. I believe in Angels and have a few fairy doors around our garden as a little talking point for guests while sitting out enjoying the views and the magic of their surroundings.

Have you ever had any famous guests?

Film crews and I have had the pleasure and fun of been in a few German films which were made locally as a film extra. Other than that all our guests are famous and undercover while on holidays.

What is your favourite thing about the area you live in?

Scenery and local good food and friendly people.

When you are not looking after your guests what is your favourite thing to do?

Eating out and going to places my guests recommend where I might not have been before.

What are your top three attractions in this country?

  1. Garnish Island, in the Summer I love to have a picnic here.

  2. Skelligs in Dingle. My husband and I do this trip every few years.

  3. Fota Island Wildlife Park East Cork.

We'd like to thank Josephine for taking the part in our host interview. For more information and to book a stay in Josephine's beautiful home, check out Edencrest Bed and Breakfast

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Posted: 16 Jan 2015 by Niall McKee | with 1 comments

Tags: B&B Hosts, Cork, Wild Atlantic Way

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