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Irish Family Ancestry

Many Irish, in years gone by, have bid a sad farewell to their Irish family ancestry and left loved ones behind as they set sail for a new life overseas with the anticipation of an improved lifestyle. Irish immigrants would have toiled hard and progressed in their adopted countries,  holding Ireland close to their hearts, and a promise of one day returning to their beloved homeland.

Unfortunately, many never made it back to the Emerald Isle, but instead would reminisce about the old country and pass on their love of Ireland to their children. They would tell stories with vivid descriptions of how life was back in the land of their birth, ensuring new generations would know their culture; have an interest in their past ancestry and a desire to know more.

A great way to explore your heritage on a visit to Ireland is to stay in a Ancestry Seeker’s B&B. Homes provide a warm welcome, comfortable surroundings and delicious freshly prepared breakfasts. Hosts will assist you in tracing your family tree and will have detailed information on local history, local families and information on museums, libraries, heritage sites, churches and church records. They can help with tracing your Irish roots.

Searching your Irish heritage can have its highs and lows. Hearing stories about a great, great grandfather or mother via family gatherings is fascinating and stirs interest, but they are just stories. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of loss or the lump in your throat you get when you see a birth cert, church record, gravestone or a handwritten letter of a past family member. It takes those stories you have heard and turns them into reality. It can be an amazing journey if you manage to trace records or family members, but it can also be heartily disappointing if you don't. It is important to have realistic expectations.

Everyone wants to know a bit about their ancestry. It is nice to be able to go and view where a relative once lived and meet up with cousins to exchange information. There is no better time to visit Ireland than this year as a very special event is taking place called The Gathering 2013. This is a celebration where friends and relations from overseas are encouraged to visit Ireland, attend clan gatherings and catch up with people who knew your past kith and kin.

Many Irish Diaspora never managed to make that promised journey home, but there is nothing to stop you making it for them. If you have always talked about a visit to Ireland’s beautiful shores, then there is no better time to make that journey, you will be welcomed like a long lost relative back to your homeland.

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Posted: 25 Mar 2013 by Mel Heron | with 2 comments

Tags: Ancestry, Family, find, Irish, Roots

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Posted: 25 Jul 2014 by Claire Regan | with 0 comments

Hi John, Ancestry B&Bs are a great base when researching you Irish roots as hosts know their local area and can advise on the best way forward in your tracing your Irish Ancestry.
20/07/2015 16:37:51
John Norfolk
What a brilliant idea listing B and B hosts with knowledge of genealogy and local history. I shall visit!
10/07/2015 14:46:25
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