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Choose an Ancestry Seekers B&B

With its natural beauty, stunning landscapes and friendly people, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to prove that they have a little bit of Irish in them. There is no better way on a trip to Ireland to seek out your ancestors than choosing to stay in an Ancestry Seekers B&B.

What is an Ancestry Seekers B&B?

Ancestry Seekers B&Bs are so much more than just accommodation.  They provide the perfect foundation for your search in tracing your Irish roots. For ancestry seekers, your trip to Ireland starts with the excitement of the possibility of finding someone who belongs to your family tree. Your B&B holiday experience will help you in your search but will also ensure that you enjoy the traditional Irish vacation as a whole! As well as providing a welcoming home, a comfortable night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast, your hosts will have knowledge of all the local families in the area and all the local history. What’s more, they will know where the museums, libraries and heritage sites can be found, where valuable information can be sourced. The local church is often a great place to start as they hold all the community records for many years gone by.

Helpful Locals

Irish people are renowned for being friendly and showing an interest in anybody who comes to the area. It’s amazing when chatting to the locals, how a name can trigger a memory or a story of somebody important to your search. Ireland is known for its close-knit communities so a trip to the local pub could provide a wealth of information. If you don’t succeed in completing your family tree on your first trip to Ireland, don’t be disheartened as it will provide a great excuse for a return visit to the Emerald Isle!

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Posted: 12 Oct 2015 by Claire Regan | with 2 comments

Tags: Ancestry Seekers, B&Bs

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Hi H

Thanks for your comment, the beautiful photo is of Burrishoole Abbey in Co Mayo.
16/10/2014 09:20:46
Where is the beautiful photo with the cemetery?
15/10/2014 17:29:24
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