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Meet your hosts | Michael & John, Glocca Morra B&B

Michael and John have been welcoming guests for 10 years and love every aspect of it. John, an Aer Lingus Cabin Manager, is from Limerick, while Michael, an ex-Musical Theatre performer with American/Irish citizenship have taken up roots outside of Killaloe with a B&B that boasts picturesque views over Lough Derg. Let's find out more about them and their home…

What is the hidden gem close to your home?

The best hidden gem in our area is, of course, Lough Derg.  This is the River Shannon’s largest lake and our view of it is unsurpassed by any other B&B.  Framed by the Arra Mountains of County Tipperary and the Slieve Bernagh Mountains of County Clare, this body of water brings oohs and aahs from our guests the first time they see it, especially from our bay window in our breakfast room.

What is your favourite guest story?

Our favourite guest story must be a couple who have come to us every year since we opened 10 years ago.  They come every Summer to host a “Study Abroad” programme from the University of Georgia to the University of Cork and fly in and out of Shannon Airport.  They usually stay with us at least 4 times each Summer and we’ve become the best of friends, so much so that they came to our wedding!

What is your signature dish/food?

We actually have 2 items on our menu that everyone loves the best.  Besides the Full Irish that everyone serves which guests always complement as being the best, we serve American style pancakes which is our own original recipe with maple syrup.  A popular dish also for vegetarians, it is a happy alternative after guests have been eating so many "Full Irish" on their holiday.  The other item is, of course, our homemade banana muffins. Guests also love our Scrambled eggs with sliced Smoked Irish Salmon.

Is there anything about your home that is quirky?

Well, we are quite outgoing and entertaining with a joke or a song at times.  Is that quirky enough?  We also have the great fortune of having a stream run through the property that has a documented source of a Holy Well that is said to cure delicate children.  It doesn’t seem to help the beef cattle in the field behind us!  Oh, and we have bats that live in the eaves of the house.  Don’t be put off since they keep the flying insect population down and are a joy to watch when the front flood light is on that illuminates the house.

Have you ever had any famous guests?

We are very popular with some internationally famous guests.  We respect their privacy, so we won’t name them, but you know them very well!

What is your favourite thing about the area you live in?

We have to say the peace and tranquillity of the Irish rural countryside.  The views of Lough Derg and the surrounding area are amazing.  Also, it’s our proximity to Killaloe, County Clare, the birthplace and home of High King Brian Boru.  This small village right on the River Shannon has so much to offer in history and beauty.  There are unsurpassed restaurants, pubs, shops, walks, and our own Brian Boru Heritage Centre which gives you the history of Ireland’s greatest High King from 1000 years ago.

When you are not looking after your guests what is your favourite thing to do?

We have very little downtime during the busy Summer months, but during the Winter months we enjoy travelling, films, Broadway shows, catching up with friends, and of course, visiting with our respective families.

What are your top 3 attractions in this county?

This is the most difficult question to answer of all.  Without offending any other part of our great nation, we have to do the right thing and give our best attractions that are in our County of Clare.  So, in no particular order, we have to say Bunratty Castle, The Cliffs of Moher and the Burren.

We'd like to thank Michael and John for their interview this week.  Check out their home Glocca Morra B&B

Posted: 26 Sep 2014 by Mel Heron | with 0 comments

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