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Star Wars and Skellig Michael

The new Star Wars film entitled ‘The Force Awakens’ contains footage filmed on Skellig Michael, which is an island off the coast of Kerry.

Posted: 05 Jan 2016 by Claire Regan | with 0 comments


Choose an Ancestry Seekers B&B

With its natural beauty, stunning landscapes and friendly people, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to prove that they have a little bit of Irish in them.

Posted: 12 Oct 2015 by Claire Regan | with 2 comments


B&B Irelands Top places to visit in Mayo

There is so much to see and do in Mayo; with its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, historical homes, outdoor activities and 2 pilgrimage sites - there is something for everyone. 

Posted: 07 Aug 2014 by Mel Heron | with 0 comments


“To explore an island is to risk obsession”

Inis Mór has long been a source of inspiration for a string of artists, poets and writers, from the literary legend of John Millington Synge to the gifted voice of Seamus Heaney and still to this day, continues to hold a special place in the hearts of all who visit its craggy shoreline.

Posted: 17 Jul 2014 by Claire Regan | with 1 comments


Offaly – The Historical Crossroads of Ireland

You’ll find County Offaly in the heart of Ireland. Situated dead centre between Dublin and Galway, you may pass through on your way from the capital to the Wild Atlantic Way or vice versa, but County Offaly is more than just a passing county. The Crossroads County of Ireland is a major historical hub.

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 by Niall McKee | with 0 comments


Top 5 Sacred sites in Ireland

The Land of Saints and Scholars” refers to the era when Irish monks and scholars helped reintroduce Christianity into Western Europe. Many of Ireland’s ancient sacred sites and monastic ruins continue to be sanctuaries of peace and solitude, perfect places to recharge both body and soul. You will find a wealth of heritage and culture in every county in Ireland.

Posted: 22 Apr 2014 by Claire Regan | with 0 comments


The Beginners Guide to Irish Pub Culture

The word ‘pub’ is short for public house and pubs can also be called ‘Bars’ or ‘Lounges’ in Ireland. Pubs remain a popular place for Irish people to mix and drink and offer visitors a chance to experience the essence of Irish social culture.

Posted: 10 Apr 2014 by Claire Regan | with 0 comments


Speaking the Lingo in Ireland

For a real Irish Cultural experience, choose a Gaeltacht Bed and Breakfast and learn to speak a little Irish with B&B Ireland.

Posted: 15 Aug 2013 by Mel Heron | with 0 comments

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