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B&B Ireland – Terms and Conditions of Membership

The member hereby acknowledges and accepts:


1. You are invited to express interest in becoming a member of Bed and Breakfast Homes of Ireland Ltd (trading as B&B Ireland) for 2016

2. The Association reserves the right to refuse application for Membership, and to withdraw Membership from any member found to be in contravention of its regulations. The decision of the Management Board is final in this matter.

3. All Members agree to retain their Approval Registration for 2016. If your home becomes unapproved/unregistered it will be removed from all promotional aspects undertaken by the Association. All members must furnish proof of approval/registration for 2016

4. Membership ceases on the sale of a home and cannot be transferred to a new owner.
Membership is not guaranteed to the new proprietor.

5. To display the Association sign and agree to retain same for so long as the premises remains listed by the Association. The sign is and shall remain the property of the Association who has the right to change the shape, colour or content of the sign at any time. This licence can be terminated at any time by the Association, the Association or its representatives may visit your premises at any time and remove the said sign.

6. Trade Descriptions Act - Please make yourself familiar with this act particularly regarding the description of your establishment and facilities

7. To indemnify the Association from all liability arising from the use of the information supplied on this form or from any inaccuracy in such information.

8. 2016 membership fees can be paid in two instalments; two cheques are forwarded to head office, one dated as of the date of renewal and a post-dated cheque dated 11th September 2015. We reserve the right to deduct unpaid membership fees from voucher income/credit card income. Unpaid membership fees will result in your property being removed from all promotional tools with immediate effect.

Trade and Consumer Bookings:

1. To forward Tour Operator’s vouchers for payment to the Association within one month of presentation by the customer. A list of the Tour Operators participating in the scheme is available to the member on the Associations website or on request.

2. The Association contracts with Tour Operators on behalf of Members, payment for vouchers will be made to the Member by the Association on behalf of the Tour Operator. In the event of a bad debt, payment may not be made to the member.

3. The Association reserves the right to remove members who abuse the voucher scheme from same.

4. Members agree to ensure that the online information presented on their home is correct; presents their home to the customer in a way that is appealing to the customer; and is in keeping with the websites design and customer message. This information is presented to the customer and the Tour Operator via and

5.  Members agree to provide sufficient room availability for sale online at a price that is competitive in the online marketplace.

6. Members agree to honour all bookings received from the Associations booking websites – and  Bookings will not be relocated unless there are very exceptional circumstances involved. Members agree to maintain their room availability and amend it in a timely fashion to avoid an overbooking. If an overbooking occurs members are responsible for relocating a non B&B Ireland reservation to accommodate B&B Ireland customer.  Where a relocation occurs members are responsible for the costs incurred by the customer.  Financial penalties may also be applied.

7.  In the event of a recall of funds by the Bank in relation to the credit card virtual system, where the money has been paid to the member, we reserve the right to deduct the recalled amount from further voucher or credit card payments to the member.

Online Terms & Conditions

  • Under this agreement, B&B Ireland is acting as agent and you are acting as principal in the provision of accommodation to guests.
  • Your selling price cannot exceed the maximum price notified to the Tourist Board from time to time.
  • B&B Ireland bookings are confirmed instantly. You are contractually bound to provide that accommodation at the notified rate to the guest.
  • Please note that by agreeing to allocate rooms to the B&B Ireland online system, homes which accept vouchers also agree to allocate same rooms to B&B Ireland trade agents or alternatively clients who are booking with vouchers.
  • In order to avoid double bookings, you agree to remove allocation by updating the B&B Ireland system or by telephone before taking other bookings for those rooms.
  • In the event of a double booking, priority must be given to the B&B Ireland online system booking.
  • B&B Ireland will take a small commission where the home being booked is Live on the system. This guarantees the accommodation for the guest and must be deducted from the guest’s bill. The outstanding balance will be payable directly to you by the guest at the time of their arrival or departure.
  • A standard 48 hour cancellation policy applies. In practice this is midnight two days prior to arrival date. Guests cancelling before this time will not be charged a cancellation fee.
  • If a booking is cancelled after this time or the guest is a No Show the Home can request that B&B Ireland charge the guest’s credit card for 100% of the value of the first night’s stay. A No Show claim must be submitted in writing to B&B Ireland head office within 7 days of the departure date of guest(s).
  • Infants under two years of age are free. A child is classified as being 12 years or under, and the percentage discount is set in advance by the individual Home.
  • The Home accepts responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of all information on B&B Ireland online system in relation to your premises and you agree to update such information when and where appropriate.
  • You will be liable in full if B&B Ireland suffers any loss due to your provision of inaccurate, false or incomplete information or for the supply of an image or text in breach of a third party’s copyright.
  • You shall indemnify B&B Ireland in respect of any and all claims, liabilities or losses (including consequential or indirect loss or damage and also including B&B Ireland associated professional fees) arising from any breach of this agreement by you or any claim brought by any customer arising from the customer’s use of accommodation, dissatisfaction with such Accommodation or any action of your employees, agents or subcontractors.
  • You shall not be liable in respect of complaints arising directly from the fault of B&B Ireland.
  • B&B Ireland shall not be liable to you, whether in contract or tort, for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (including loss of profit, revenue or data) arising out of, or in connection with this agreement.
  • This agreement is governed by the law of Ireland and is subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.