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Ancestry Seekers

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An Irish B&B is the best place to start your search for long lost ancestors. With a wealth of local knowledge, your B&B host can point you in the right direction to help trace your Irish roots and ancestry.

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Trace Your Irish Roots

Search for an Ancestry Seekers bed and breakfast in IrelandSearch for an ancestry seekers bed and breakfast

Local information, you really can’t beat it. Especially when you’ve travelled all the way to Ireland searching for the key to your family tree. Irish Ancestry Seeker B&Bs are a cosy, repository of local information where you get an amazing night’s sleep, a breakfast of epic proportions and the help that sets you on your way to finding that gaggle of cousins you’ve been after for years.

The Search Begins in a B&B

Search for an ancestry seekers bed and breakfast in IrelandTracing your family tree is a popular activity for many people and B&B Ireland is a great place to start. Staying in a Bed and Breakfast provides you with the opportunity to experience Irish family life while you search for your Irish roots. Your B&B host is available with knowledge of local history, local families in the area as well contact details and information on museums, libraries heritage sites, churches and church records.

What to Expect

Search for an ancestry seekers bed and breakfast in IrelandHosts at Irish Ancestry Seeker B&Bs are brimming with local history as well as being clued in to local archives, where to source church records and what museums or heritage sights might further your ancestral enquiries. 

Your B&B host will provide you with advice and with contacts in the local area in the process of tracing your Irish roots. You will find a selection of genealogical literature in the B&B to help you with your research. Everything you need to make tracing your Irish roots easy can be found in an Irish Bed and Breakfast.

Search for an ancestry seekers bed and breakfast

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  • Finding our Roots

    Michael Kelly from Chicago travelled to Ireland to satisfy his curiosity about his Irish Ancestry. Often hearing stories about the 'old country' he finally managed to make it home and found much more than he expected!