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B&Bs are more than just accommodation

I was at a gathering recently and got speaking with a lady called Helen. We past pleasantries and inevitably talked about work. I mentioned that I worked for B&B Ireland and she said that she regularly uses our website to book her accommodation.  She told me that her career takes her around Ireland and that she prefers to stay in bed and breakfasts when away from home. She told that B&Bs are more than just accommodation as they offer a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Tell me more...

B&Bs are more than just accommodation

This didn’t surprise me in the least, but I wanted to know more. I asked Helen to tell me about some of the differences between staying in a bed and breakfast, rather than a hotel. Helen told me that she didn’t like having to walk the corridors of the hotels at night on her own and once she closed her hotel door in the evenings, she felt isolated.  “No matter how often you stay in a hotel, it’s always like a first visit. Over time I have become attached to certain B&Bs and tend to book the same ones when in their locality. I have got to know the hosts and look on them more as friends, knowing I can look forward to a warm welcome.  I can retire to my room if I want alone time or if I want some company, I can have some interesting conversations with the B&B hosts,” Helen explained. 

Welcome, safe and an ideal base

B&Bs are more than just accommodation

I could relate to everything that Helen told me and realised that whether you reside in Ireland or are a visitor to the Emerald Isle, everyone wants the same thing, which is to feel welcome, safe and have an ideal base to rest in the evening.  B&Bs are more than just accommodation, they are a place where you can feel part of a family and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a beautiful home, located in scenic or central areas. They also serve the best cooked breakfasts, homemade treats and provide a service that goes beyond a stay in a hotel. I really enjoyed my interlude with Helen and was delighted that B&B Ireland made a positive difference to her week!

Book your ideal bed and breakfast Book your ideal bed and breakfast accommodation with B&B Ireland

Posted: 30 Sep 2015 by Claire Regan | with 2 comments

Tags: accommodation, B&Bs Ireland, bed and breakfasts

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Karen O'Connor
Donna thank you for your comment. 2017 is approaching fast - have you any idea what area/s of the country you would like to visit? Please see link below to our B&B locator, this will give you a good idea of the regions and the B&Bs in the different areas.
Please let us know if you need any help with your bookings.
Karen - B&B Ireland
30/11/2016 15:39:40
Planing a trip in 2017, want to see as much as possible on the entire island and stay in B&B's
15/06/2016 04:35:15
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