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Wonderful walking trails in Ireland

Ireland is known worldwide for its stunning green landscapes and breath-taking natural beauty. No matter what county you decide to visit, you will be amazed by your surroundings and its wonderful scenery to explore. One of the very best ways to make the most of your time Ireland and enjoy its rugged beauty, is to follow one of the Emerald Isle’s many wonderful walking trails.

It’s almost impossible to recommend the “best” walking trails in Ireland, mainly due to the sheer amount of them scattered all over the island of Ireland. So, here’s a taster of what you could choose to explore when putting on your walking boots...

Causeway Coastal Walking Route

The Causeway Coastal Walking Route takes everything you could want from a trail and puts it altogether for one amazing experience, suitable for all walkers. It is a two-day walking route, which allows you to explore the famous Northern Irish coastline. It is approximately 53 km in length, but is divided into six manageable sections. Walkers are treated to dramatic high cliffs, secluded beaches and wide bays, as well as several fantastic landmarks, including the Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.

Wonderful walking routes in Ireland - Causeway Coastal Walking Route

Carrowteige - Children of Lir Loop

This wonderful and wild coastal walking trail starts at Carrowteige Village, Co Mayo and is suitable for hikers with a reasonable level of fitness. You’ll be treated to thrilling seascapes and a range of terrains, including laneways, grassy tracks and bog roads along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The hike is approximately 10km and will take you about 2-2.5 hours to complete. The aptly named walk takes in a visit to the Children of Lir sculpture leading to spectacular views when you reach the cliff top at Alt Breac.

Wonderful walking trails in Ireland - Children of Lir loop walk

Mount Brandon Walking Route

The Mount Brandon Walking Route, on the Dingle Peninsula in Co Kerry, is a more challenging route which might be of interest to more experienced walkers. It is 8.5 km in length and would take approximately four hours to complete. Mount Brandon is Ireland’s 9th highest mountain, and the walking route is sometimes considered as one of the most rewarding walks along the Wild Atlantic Way. The mountain is steeped in Irish mythology, with a fascinating history, giving the walking trial added interest!

Wonderful walking trails in Ireland - Mount Brandon walking trail

The Sugarloaf Trail

The Sugarloaf Trail, in Co Wicklow, is another, much easier but very popular, mountain trail. It is 2.5 km in length, and only takes 1-2 hours to complete. The Great Sugar Loaf Mountain is instantly recognisable as it is conical in shape, and catches everyone’s eye, along the Dublin to Wicklow skyline. It is an easy route, suitable for families, and is the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle, immersing yourself in the stunning scenery and taking in the amazing Irish fresh air.

Wonderful walking trails in Ireland - Sugarloaf Mountain walking trail

Bed and Breakfast properties make the ideal base on a walking holiday to Ireland. Many of our B&Bs specialise as Walkers Welcome homes. This means that B&B hosts will be able to recommend the best walks in their region and also provide excellent storage facilities for all your walking gear. 

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Posted: 06 Jun 2019 by Claire Regan | with 0 comments

Tags: Walking Trails

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